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29.98m Tuna Longliner Boat

Tuna long liner


Length Over All: 29.98m

Beam: 5.81m

Depth: 2.70m

Draft: 2.40m

Max speed: 10.5 Kn

Crews: 13

Displacement: 261t

Main engine: KTA19M600 (600HP)

Auxiliary engine: WD615.61C; MP-H-90-4(90kW*2)

Fish hold with Cooling Sea Water: 69m3(-1.5oC---1.7oC)

Freeze hold: 10m3(-23oC----30oC)

Refrigerated hold: 17m3(-23oC----30oC)

Oil Tank: 36.00m3

Fresh Water Tank: 10.00m3


     The LongLiner Boat is one of the professional ocean tuna longliner fishing boat with highest technology content. Its successfully building provides a new ship form in the field of building large modern FRP cooling sea water tuna longliner fishing boat.

     The Lingliner boat form is designed based on the concept of professional tuna longline fishing boat. The longliner has good performance in navigability maneuverability and fishing. The longliner boat can sufficiently satisfy the requirement of ocean and deep sea operation. The hull has reasonable structure. With high level of automatic control and advanced communication, navigation and fishing aid equipments, the main engine can be directly started and controlled in the wheelhouse, and most of the equipment and instruments can be effectively monitored and operated. The longliner boat has automatic navigation system. The longliner boat adopts American monofilament roller hydraulic gurdy ( Supur Spoo III), 48"X80" fishing apparatus with a high daily fish output. The freezing room adopts the latest microfreeze cooling sea water to keep fresh long.